Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fussy cutting for Applique

I can't believe this is my first post of the year even though we're well in to February. How time flies but then I've also had a bad start to the year with a few lemons thrown my way. Enough said on that!
I thought I'd show how I've been working slowly on my Baltimore quilt and fussy cutting for leaves. I managed to join two borders onto the top and finish one corner.
Some leaves are made from a tone on tone fabric and don't need to be fussy cut and others are more realistic looking.
I cut out the freezer paper template starting with the dotted line. What you get is the template plus a window template. I use the window template to audition on the fabric. It's then a simple matter of ironing the leaf template inside the window template and removing the window one. you can then mark around the leaf using your favourite fabric marker.
Just recently I thought I'd try the freezer paper and starch method to prep my pieces and it turns out that I rather like it. I even made a pile of leaves to go. It does mean that I have to make my freezer paper templates in reverse and the window template the right side up and use a small light box for correct placement. it sounds complicated but it's really not once you get your head around it.
I even used this method to fussy cut petals for the roses. Fabric choice is harder because there has to be a difference in value where petals meet. I have to say that the stitching goes a lot faster and placement is easy too. I'm also not having any distortion problems with the fabric because of the starch.
I'm going to concentrate on getting this top finished, it's been on the slow burner for years and years. I've had a bad start to the year with not a lot of stitching going on but hopefully I'll be back up to speed soon.
Until next time, Janet