Sunday, October 6, 2013

It's been ages

We've been having major Internet issues here, it seems there was a voltage leak up the road that kept making the Internet drop out and go ultra slow. I'm sorry if you missed my posts but hopefully I can update more regularly now. I sure have missed visiting my favourite blogs.

I have been fabric bombing in the sewing cave, it seems I can't play with fabric in a tidier fashion and there's no point in folding it neatly until I'm done with it anyway.
I've been keeping myself busy with a ton of drawing. I had an idea for a quilt and spent a lot of time on that.
I even shopped for Japanese fabrics for it. I proceeded to hand piece one compass and then abandoned the whole project.
At some stage I came to my senses and decided not to start something new. Guilt made me pull out an old sleeping beauty that has to be finished or it might end up never being done.
I did draw some borders for the old Baltimore quilt which I showed back here. I knew I wasn't that happy with them and so I put pencil to paper and started again. It took days which is why I put it off.
This time I used one of Sue Garman's urns from her Friendship album with some adjustments and drew the floral arrangement using some of the flowers in the quilt.
Once the drawings were finished it was time to start colouring with fabric.
Here's a peek of the first section. The corners have to be done last after they are mitred and joined to the top plus I have some embroidered stems to do as I go. I've left plenty of space to do some quilted feathers later on which I'll most likely trapunto.
I'll be back next time with an update on how I'm going on my other applique project, the mighty Auntie Green.
Happy sewing, Janet