Sunday, June 30, 2013

Red and green antique quilt

Thanks to everyone that commented and congratulated me on my quilt "Rings and Roses" doing so well in the Sydney show. I had trouble with some emails bouncing when I tried to reply so if you didn't hear from me, thank you so very much once again. Other prize winners can be seen on the guild site here. Click on the top tabs to see the winners in each category. I picked up another ribbon for 2nd in viewers choice, it can't get better!
Now that I'm getting back into routine again, I thought I'd show you my very first antique quilt purchase. Of course it had to be a red and green and what a beauty.
I thought you'd like to see some close up photos of the quilting. I just adore feathers.
You can see that the green has faded with light over time. I have an AQS certified valuation which estimates the date of the quilt to be 1860. The maker is unknown and it most likely came from Pennsylvania. 
There are no holes or tears in the quilt but it does have some stains and general yellowed out areas mostly on the borders. I exagerated a stained area by editing the photo, it doesn't look as bad as this but it does show that maybe it needs a clean.
One interesting feature is how the serpentine feather quilting at the corners were handled. No need to worry about how to turn the corner, just stop and start at the seams. You gotta love that!
If you clicked on this photo, you may see that there are still sharp pencil marks still visible which indicates that quilt hasn't been washed and that is on the appraisal form.
Not all points are sharp but it doesn't detract one bit from the effect the feathered star blocks gives.
The stitching in the hand piecing is very close together and check out that puckering. So that's what they mean when they say that you can quilt it out. The quilting is very expertly done.
I need some expert advice about whether the quilt should be washed, if you have any thoughts, please let me know what you advise.
Last week I picked up this beauty from Bernina, the sponsors of best of show. It's unpacked and ready to go.  It's the new 750QE with the new hook system.
I also wanted to share this stunning crystal trophy with you, the Narelle Grieve award for excellence in hand quilting.  I'm very proud of this because I had to teach myself to hand quilt.
Here I am with some of my sewing friends at the presentation for the Bernina sewing machine this week held at Pegs Pieces.. I'm the one in the middle. Unfortunately there are two missing from the photo. We meet every Tuesday evening to stitch and they are some of the nicest people you could meet.
Until next time, Janet


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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Can you see my smile from there?
I'm floating on a quilty cloud but here's a quick late night post to share with you my dear friends in stitching.

I've been honoured and humbled by the awards from the Sydney quilt show today. I can't think of words to describe my absolute joy and thrill at wining so many accolades from my peers and fellow lovers of quilts. My quilt was very decorated by the six ribbons. Whoooo, Hoooo!!
Hangers prize, Judges choice, 1st traditional hand quilted (amateur), the Narelle Grieve award for excellence in hand quilting for which I have a trophy for. Best of Show.

I'm afraid I only had my phone and little point and shoot to take pics so I'll have to go back on Saturday for better photos.
Many many thanks for the encouragement and for cheering me on from you all and I sincerely mean that from deep in my heart!!
I'll be back when I've come back to earth and had some sleep.
Love Janet

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

On the brighter side

Here's a few more quilts for show and tell that were created at retreat last week. 
This one was made from leftovers that were given to Lenore. I love the black spot fabric, it contains all the funky fabrics wonderfully. 
 Loz made a fast jelly roll quilt and I mean fast. I don't think I've ever done a top in a day.
The madly popular scrappy trips around the world pattern, also made by Loz and used on her bed for the weekend.
I happily quilted away the hours, it was bliss.
I'll be at the quilt show in Sydney tomorrow and Saturday so if you recognize me, say hello.
Until next time, Janet

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Retreat news

Last weekend was annual retreat time for eight of my sewing group and friends. I was so tired from the week before that even though I didn't achieve much, I got a much needed rest.
My friends have kindly given permission to share their projects. There was too much to put on one post so I'll have to divide them into two.

This gorgeous quilt belongs to Connie, it's Quilted Diamonds from Linda Franz and was completely hand pieced. It's been basted and ready for quilting.
This was Connie's first hand pieced project, I'm in awe of the size of some of the pieces in the blocks.
 Space was very limited for photos so please excuse the quality. 
 This Celtic one is also Connie's and bound at the retreat. It's hand appliqued and machine quilted. 
This applique medallion is a project on the go for Loz. It's stitched on a soft linen and has the most beautiful gold border surrounding the center. 
Loz does all her applique by basting over papers first, then she glue bastes onto the background so that the stitching part doesn't get interrupted. 
 The outer borders are well on the way. I'm sorry I can't remember the pattern.
The one below is a Karen Cunningham design called Plain and Fancy done in classes at Quiltsmith.
Lenore was busy with hand quilting it.
 What appealed to me were the different blocks used as borders, I love, love this quilt.
The only machining I did on the weekend was this piddly pile of Pies and even doing that much gave me a sore neck. Still, the UFO is a little further on. I'm starting to think all my quilts want to be ten year projects. 
Until next time, happy stitching, Janet