Thursday, September 29, 2011

Panel five

When I start another panel for the vine quilt, I generally don't stop until it's done or bad things might happen, such as it ending up not getting any attention at all.
It's really hard to photograph one panel, it's so long and skinny so I've tipped it on it's side. It's taken a little longer than the others since this one has eleven branches.
 I had to immediately add it to the others so I can enjoy the changing effect as it grows.
I took a few photos and made them large so that you could see the fabrics. You can click on the photos to get a closer look. I had trouble with correct lighting, it's been very grey and wet around here lately and my background is a bit more creamy than it looks below.
I'm so overwhelmed by the response to my proposal to make my pattern available to anyone who would like to stitch their own version, thank you so very much!
I'll be making a materials list available early next week and I'll let you know when the first panel will be available for download.
I found a close up photo of Susan's quilt which you can see fabrics and hand quilting very clearly. Go have a look here and click on the photo once then again.

I'm on a tight schedule and have to pack, we're having a weekend away but before I do that, here's two blocks I put together for the Gorgeous Amy and her daughter, sent off to Sarah last week.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Susan McCord's Vines pattern

As you know, I've been drawing a pattern of my own to stitch a quilt inspired by Susan McCord's  Vines quilt.
I've been focusing on stitching the fifth panel and have got about half way.
Sometimes when I sit and stitch, I go into a zone where the woes of the world don't exist and the mind thinks only of quilty things.

Here's what I've been thinking about. I'd love to share my pattern (for free) with anyone who would be interested in making this quilt and releasing a panel per month for download. There are thirteen panels.
It's not an exact replica, rather my interpretation and I think it gives a similar look to the antique quilt.
If there is enough interest, say more than one or two of you, I'll go ahead with it and would appreciate you leaving me a comment so I can see if it's worthwhile doing.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A winner and a loser

The Currants and Coxcombs block wouldn't wait, I mean I couldn't wait and so I just had to sew a block up to see it in fabric and it's turned out just as I had hoped. I think this will have to have some more of the blocks to play with and grow up to be the next red and green quilt in my series. It's a winner in my book.

The green solid is Moda Bella, pistachio and the deep red is a P&B  fabric. Istuffed the berries with a little polyester stuffing.
The inspiration for drawing up this block came from an antique quilt over at the Quilt Complex and you can see it over here, scroll down a bit to see the whole quilt. What do you think of the quilting and stuffed work on it?
I thought I'd put the Cherry Tree blocks up on the design wall and see how they would look together and I didn't like how they were playing. I thought it was the fact that I had too many different types of green, especially the emerald ones.
At this point I seriously though about rescuing a couple by changing a few leaves and starting again with the others blocks.
Then I removed that last block I'd made pictured at the bottom of the above photo which had light lime coloured leaves and now I like the arrangement a lot better. That block was a loser.
I'll have to keep these up on the wall and proceed with some toned down blocks. I'm still mulling over changing a few pieces but I'll wait until I've done a couple more and then make my mind up.
Never be afraid to move in a new direction if you don't like what's happening.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A bit of this and a bit of that.

I finally got back to my applique that I was missing and finished this block for the "Beyond The Cherry Trees quilt. It took a lot longer than I though it would, lots of leaves in this one.
The one below was the last one I'd done and I just wasn't happy with the emerald green stems so unpicked those and replaced them. Now I can live with it.
Note to self, find time to make more of these blocks since I'm enjoying the more modern fabrics.
I also managed to get two more of my circle blocks done. I'm finding it hard to stick to these and I'm behind which is normal for me. I'm not very patient at prepping for hand piecing you see.
Note to self, stop procrastinating on these.
The Vine quilt has been whispering, no, shouting in my ear to get going and draw another panel. It took a few afternoons to do the drawing but as you can see, I'm now starting the stitching. This will be the fifth panel and has about 305 leaves to sew on. I'm loving being back playing with this one.
Note to self, get down to the sewing room and make more leaves.
More drawing, this time a Currants and Coxcomb block I wanted to draw up after some inspiration hit me whilst looking at antique red and green quilts.
Note to self, blinkers don't work when on the computer.
Whatever time you have for stitching, have fun with it.