Sunday, March 20, 2011

New information for sending quilts

If you are sending quilts to Japan, here's some updated information that Taniwa has posted on her blog on this post. It is from Dana Jones, editor, Quilters Newsletter magazine.

"I emailed with Naomi Ichikawa today. She has asked that if you are sending quilts directly to Japan, that you do not send them until May 1 at the earliest. Please watch this blog for regular updates on this time frame as things are changing daily in Japan.

If you are sending quilts to Quilters Newsletter [in Colorado] and do not want to write “Quilts for Japan” on the box, please enclose a note that says this. We receive many quilts in our offices and will only send quilts to Japan that we know are intended for Japan.

Please send only new quilts.

I am amazed but not surprised at the compassionate response to this call for quilts. In just 24 hours, we at QN have heard from quilters in the United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Italy. We are truly an international community!


Dana Jones, QN managing editor

Send quilts of any size from baby to adult to:

Dana Jones
Quilters Newsletter
741 Corporate Circle, Suite A
Golden, CO 80401

• Mark your box: “Quilts for Japan.”
• Enclose your name, address, phone number, and email address with the quilts."

To keep updated, you can visit the Quilters Newsletter editors blog

or Taniwa's blog.


mokkakissa said...

I have to ask the question many must be thinking about... Don´t they need them urgently now? Or is there enough in the shelters and this is for the more permanent houses as they have obviosely lost everything? Or what is the idea?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Janet, I am with your first comment, I would have thought they need them urgently.


Nat Palaskas said...

Thanks for your update Janet. There must a reason why they can't have them now - Hugs Nat

Lurline said...

I'm glad you have received the news, Janet - I read it earlier today and have been to the Upmarket here and was about to let you know. Yes, seems a lot are so cold, but I guess there is always so much administration being bogged down with red tape in situations like this - would have been awful for our quilts to have gone astray!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Japan, and friends of ours are in rescue teams there. The main need right now is for just the basics of life -- food, water, shelter, medicine; aid organizations have asked that money and not boxes be sent right now, so that they can buy supplies locally. It seems that the government and military are sending in thick blankets as fast as possible. Of course, they're all standard issue with no color in them, but they're keeping folks from freezing.

I think that the May 1 deadline is probably based on the hopes of more "normal" life returning, when people have been moved to temporary housing and will have nothing to start over with and will have to provide their own bedding.

Just a note -- Japanese quilts (futon) are usually puffy and not quilted closely at all, and Japanese themselves prefer subdued colors to bright ones.

Anonymous said...

PS to above note --

By "Japanese quilts," I meant the everyday ones used in all homes, on top of beds spread out on the floor (tatami mats) -- not the gorgeous works of art for which Japanese quilters are well-known.

RedHeadedQuilter said...

Thanks for mentioning our blog about Quilts for Japan. We really appreciate it!

BTW, part of the reason for the delay is that right now it is difficult to transport things in many areas. And the organizers in Japan need time to figure out how the quilts will be distributed.

Kelly M. Smith
Senior Editor
Quilters Newsletter

ElisabethB said...

France country do it too for Japan. Via QUILTMANIA magazine to Quit Tushin magazine.
I am making one !