Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Applique and Stitcheries

I was inspired to make a crib size quilt after purchasing Gwen Marston's book on four block quilts and then I saw that Lucy had the same idea so I cut some shapes from freezer paper and placed them by eye and made it up as I went. It was a lot of fun and quite freeing not to follow a pattern. I won't be quilting this one until next year.

To answer the questions on my double wedding ring quilt, I don't usually design my own quilts, originally I wanted to make a double wedding ring and used perspex templates and machine pieced in the watercolour style. Well I got bored looking at it and put it away, as you do. Then I had the idea to spark it up using an applique border and was inspired to draw up one similar to the above quilt by Kathy Nakajima which was on the cover of a quilters newsletter magazine. This was before the pattern was available so I had to draw it out on paper to suit the rings. Of course I had to buy the pattern when it did become available.
Needle turned applique is a real love of mine and I have started to make quilts in the red and green colourway which may become a theme for a series, more of those later. I'll have to show some finished quilts or you might think I only do ufo's.

This is what I took to my sewing group last night, we meet in each others homes every Tuesday night and there are eight of us in the group. I don't work on this too often but it's a good take-along project, so I don't care if it takes a long time to do.
Come to think of it, I have a lot of these types of ufo's which is why I probably justify starting new projects.
When I was young, my mother said I shouldn't start anything new until I had finished the last thing so I think I missed out on the fun of making and creating. I'm in my rebellious period now! My mother also said a hobby should be one that earns you money so that it pays for itself, I guess that's to do with the period she grew up in.

There are 9 blocks in the quilt and the pattern is from Cinderberry Stitches. As you can see I'm doing it in girly girly fabrics and so it will probably end up in one of the grandaughter's hands.

Thank you all so much for the warm and welcoming comments, I really appreciate them, I hope I answered some questions for you.

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Lurline said...

Oh, I love these stitcheries! Am so tempted to visit Cinderberry Stitches! Your work is so beautiful!
Hugs - Lurline!

Anonymous said...

The ladies are looking lovely! I wondered how that was going - I maintain that those colours are yumo, and suit them to a t.

If it ends up at our house I think we might need to 'share custody' of said quilt :) The blog is looking great! I will have to show J it when she gets home from school.

Anonymous said...

Love your work, thank you for sharing, might get my boring double wedding ring out of the draw and applique??

Thank you also for visting my blog


antique quilter said...

great quilt! Oh you know I love red/green/cheddar quilts!
Isn't that a great book by Gwen?
love her work.
will be interested in how you decide to quilt this quilt.

Janet said...

I love your applique quilt - it will be even more beautiful quilted! Your borders are wonderful - I chickened out on my 4 block and made all my borders the same.

Juliann in WA said...

I love that applique too. I have checked Gwen's book out of the library so many times. Guess I should put it on my wish list.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh your crib quilt is wonderful! I loved Lucy's when she made it, now that I see yours I'm so tempted to make one too!

Betsy said...

lovely,lovely work.