Thursday, March 26, 2009

Books and magazines

In the last six months or so it seems like I've been on a personal crusade to add to my library of books. I'm very much into the historic quilt books ever since I've realised what a wealth of inspiration they can be. Thanks to a post by Lene at fine stitches, I found out about the book below. She likens it to the one I am doing here.
Of course I had to get it. You can find it at Amazon.
While I was out today I also had a browse at the newsagents and found this issue of Fon's and Porter magazine. Now being from the States, it was quite expensive but I justified the cost by what was inside.
I am besotted not just by the quilt (note the colour scheme people) but especially with the trees. Aren't they amazing? No pattern but a very good article by Gerald Roy where he discusses the machine quilted works he judges at shows verses the quilting on antique quilts. He voices what I have long thought.
The quilt below is a reproduction of an antique in the same magazine so you could see how easily the first quilt could be reproduced by using this pattern and drawing your own trees.
I highly recommend when you are making a pattern that you haven't done before, to first make a test block which I did for the string pieced star in my last post.
Gwen's pattern is for a 19 1/2" star but it floats on the background. In reality it's more like 17"
I want a bigger star so re-did the pattern for a 20" star.
The only downside is the set in seams, not my favourite but in the photos below you can see how I mark and pin one of the set in sections.

Slow and steady gets me there but I can't pivot at the intersection because of the bulk of the stitch 'n tear I've used on the back. I have to back stitch, take it out and start at the exact intersection again.
It works for me!


Fiesta said...

Janet how cool that you can just look at a pattern and create it.
Wish I had that ability.

Anonymous said...

I found Lone Stars at the University of Kentucky library and was amazed to notice that the quilt on the cover reminded me of the one I saw on your blog a few days ago. Both quilts are absolutely stunning! Your work is beautiful. kelley

Darlene said...

AH those Texas quilts - it's my home state so it holds a special place in my heart.

Janet said...

That is a wonderful quilt on the cover of that book - are there more like it inside?
I always enjoy Gerald Roy's articles in Fons and Porter. Wouldn't you just love to see his quilt collection?

Julia said...

I too always enjoy Gerald Roy's articles in Fons and Porter.
It's fascinating to read the history about the quilts..
Julia ♥

Kathie said...

oh what a great quilt Love your blocks
thats a great tip I will have to try that
I am still going to make this block too, maybe next week,
not sure what happened to this week...
hope all is well

Kellie said...

I am a sucker for those American magazines! I try not to look at the docket and ask for them not to say the price out loud when i am signing the credit card slip! :)

Carrie P. said...

I will pick up a Fons and Porter magazine sometimes. I do like the history section too. Your block is great. Thanks for the tip.

Leslie said...
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