Monday, May 9, 2011

Day tripping and the blogger blues

I'm just about to tear my hair out. My time on the computer has been severely curtailed. We have some ongoing issues with our server slowing our broadband right down. We tested it the other night and it was running eight times slower than it should. I think I need a new computer too, this one's getting to be a dinosaur and I don't like using the lap top for blogging.

I've been trying to blog for the last couple of days and I get this spinning icon on my blog posting space. I found out it's a glitch and it will be fixed. In the meantime, I did find out that I can post using the old blogger editor. I just had to remember to load my photos on back to front, sigh.
DH and I had such a great outing to Balmain on the other side of Sydney on Saturday especially to visit Calico and Ivy. Sarah ( I hope I spelt that right) was working there and was so friendly and welcoming that it was a joy to hang out in the shop. They have a blog too.

My eyes couldn't miss this beauty that Sarah purchased in Houston last year and she kindly said I could take photos and share them with you. It's thought to be made around 1940
I couldn't tell what the pattern was until it was held up and photographed and then the stars became visible. The two colour quilts, especially the red and white can have so many patterns that catch your eye depending what you focus on. If you know the name of the pattern, could you let me know? It was hand pieced and hand quilted.
There were other delights in the shop too, I loved the red chair with crochet cushion.

Lots of gorgeous wool, Debbie Bliss, Rowan and Noro, my favourites.

DH gets brownie points for spotting Adriano Zumbo's patisserie but I wasn't going to queue down the street for a sweet. Masterchef on television has made Adriano a household name.

Sarah told us how to get to the kitchen where all the baking gets done and there's less queuing. Unfortunately, we got there in the afternoon when stock was low and I didn't get to buy the ultimate chocolate brownie.
This lot was good compensation. I wasn't keen on trying the satay macaron but we did get the sesame seed, licorice, lime (purple) the vanilla and strawberry as well as a couple of citrus tarts

I'll have to show you my loot next time, I'm all out of blogger patience.


Raewyn said...

good luck with fixing your blogging problems. I'm intrigued by the baking you bought - I hope they wer yummy?? That quilt is gorgeous - a very cool pattern, I'm not surprised you were taken with it.

lynne said...

I couldn't see the stars either, until I had a second look.

I think the block might be called Flying Swallows or Circling Swallows - it's striking done in the red and white.

I just did a google image search and found a few examples of the block, but nothing with such a strong contrast and layout.

Kathie said...

yes that pattern is pretty unique I have seen it before but not with such a strong contrast.
Its called flying swallow block I believe
I will look it up in my books in a bit to be sure.
computer problems are horrible in my book! Just seems we need a new computer every 3 years whether we like it or not! good luck
Looks like a great shop , love the wall of wool. that crochet cushion is adorable.

jean said...

Hi Janet
Isn't Calico and Ivy a lovely store and Sarah is such a delight.Looks like I was following your footsteps we were in Balmain on Sunday and the queue at Adriano Zumbo's was just as long on the Sunday. I refuse to queue for food so it doesn't look like I will eating his macarons anytime soon but I so love them.
I think that block is known as birds in the air, I will check my Jinny Beyer book.
Aren't computers so annoying when they don't work to our liking.

Stephanie said...

Pastries, yarn, antique quilts! A good day. The quilt is beautiful and unusual.

Jessica said...

Sounds like a great day out! I will be interested to find out what that block is called too, the quilt is beautiful!

Crispy said...

What a lovely outing you had. Oh My, I wish we had a shop like that in my end of North Dakota. I would love to feel all that wool.

Your computer woes sounds just like my slooooowwww dial up at home. It can be very annoying. Funny how our servers will never give you a break on their prices when they are the issue. I hope it gets resolved soon!!


Notjustnat said...

Sorry Mr blogger is playing trick on you. It hasn't happen to me for awhile, but never say never! Hope it will be fixed for you soon. Seem like a good day out Janet. Those sweet treats looks yummie!


Darlene said...

Love the quilt - very striking!

You and hubby had a fabulous time daytripping! :-)

taylorsoutback said...

What a fun day you had - any day that includes a quilt shop visit is always good!
I agree with the other comments - in my copy of Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns - page 454, block #3758 the pattern goes by various names - Falling Star, Flying Swallows, Circling Swallows, Whirling Star & a few more. Date references are between 1935-1937. The red & white version is an interesting positive/negative ..
Forgive me for taking up so much space! I am in a quilt history study group and once we get going......:o)

Sharon said...

What a fabulous quilt, and thanks to Pat for all the info, I love bloggers who are 'in the know'
You've been busy, busy!

Ann Champion said...

What a nice shop! So nice of them to let you take a pic of the red and white quilt. It's gorgeous.

Your baked goods look so different from anything I've seen. I hope they were yummy?

Computers/blogging glitches can be so aggrivating! I hope your issues get resolved soon. My program wouldn't let me crop pics this morning. Grrrrr..

Mary said...

Oh Janet! If you could see me now you would see that I am GREEN, GREEN with envy!!!! I would love to visit that shop! And it is no secret that Sarah Fielke is my quilting idol! I see that she is teaching there *sigh*.....then you had to go and post those yummy pastries! Mmmmm! Sorry about the computer issues, but you done good with this post!

Janet said...

What a wonderful red and white quilt - its a striking pattern. It sounds like you had a lovely outing. Can I share one of the tarts :0)

Annemieke said...

Beautiful quilt and very interesting pattern. Always nice to see 'new'patterns, thanks for the pictures. You must have had a lovely day.

Nedra said...

Oh no! Tell that Server to get it's act together. Spinning, spinning icons? Been there, done that.
Meanwhile, thank you for all the eye candy. How I would love to visit your way, but until then, I'm grateful for your posts.

Cardygirl said...

Hope the computer problems are soon annoying. Looks like you had a fun day...must visit Calico & Ivy!

Linda C said...

What a lovely outing yu had!!
l too tried this morning to do a post and also getting the twirly thing. l tried to load photos the old way and that won't work either. How did yu find out its a glitch? and is everyone having the same problem? So much to share!!!

Julia said...

Until you pointed them out, I couldn't see the stars either..
Yummy did well Janet.
Looking forward to your next post.
Julia ♥

Karen said...

The red & white quilt is an unusual design. The center of the stars is sort of like a sun.

Dixie said...

So glad you had a lovely day out! The bakery reminds me of our visit to Tartine Bakery in San Francisco yesterday - they make their own sourdough starter, and I thought of you and your delicious looking sourdough bread. Really love the positive/negative design in the red and white quilt. Wonder if it was a happy accident or planned?

Michelle said...

I'm a true red and white fan, and hence I haven't met a red and white quilt yet that I didn't like! Gorgeous.. lovely shop and I will check out her blog, :)

Rachaeldaisy said...

I've been tempted to do a quilt shop outing to Calico and Ivy and the new Material Obsession Shop that is just up the road, but then I'm trying to hold back on buying fabric for a little while, so thank you for doing a show and tell. C&I looks like a beautiful shop. That quilt is really something special. The Macarons caught my eye! I would've tried the satay, I love trying weird food! Citron tarts are a favourite, Yum!!!! I hope all your computer troubles are fixed ASAP!

Barb said...

blogger was a little finicky with me this morning too -
What a wonderful red and white quilt. I also loved that pillow!
Thanks for the fun photos of your trip, looking forward to more.

Cathy said...

Sorry to hear you have had blogger probs too. Love your day out, all that colour. Do you think we see more colour now we have blogs I'm sure I do!! Mmm those citrus tarts look divine! xo

Jane in Wales said...

Lovely quilt! And the 'cakes' look amazing, I have never seen anything like it...

Teresa said...

LOVELY red and white quilt! I've never seen that pattern before. It's really original and fun!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Carrie P. said...

Just catching up on your posts. Always such pretty things to see.