Friday, May 28, 2010


Thank you to all who entered my five day pincushion giveaway. I had a lot of fun with it and you have helped me clear out some stuff that I haven't the time to make. Lets get on with it.
Giveaway day 1 Terry, Terry's Treasures
Giveaway day 2, Kerry, Forever Friday
Giveaway day 3, Susan, Pieceful Threads
Giveaway day 4, Dot, These Two Hands
Giveaway day 5, Elaine, Soggy Bottom Flats
Congratulations, I'll be contacting you all for an address to send these out to you.

My Nana Halo slipped
I have to tell you about these crochet flowers. The pattern comes from Rose Hip and can be found here. 
I made one some time ago and my daughter even had a go. Miss 4year old got the one she finished and Miss 2 year old is still waiting on hers. Well I had to send a parcel to them and included the flower I made so they could have one each. Can you see what's coming??

Big Mistake! Miss 4 year old was inconsolable that she hadn't got one from Nana ( that would be me) and rang me after a half hour on the couch sobbing her little heart out. She was crying so hard that I couldn't make out what she was trying to say. All you Nana's would understand how this pulled at the heart strings. After some promises, there was calm but I felt awful that I had slipped up big time there.

Last night I crocheted my fingers to the bone to redeem myself. I made plenty for both girls.I even thought if I made more, my DD could crochet some leaves and make a garland for the girls' bedroom.
Don't they  look just like the camelia that's started flowering?
Because I feel so bad, I'm even making them something else out of these cherry fabrics and polka dots.

I did manage to do some applique this week as well as my hand quilting which is taking me way longer than I thought. I'm missing out on my annual retreat this weekend because I've been a bit under the weather with the sniffles. To make up for it, I'm having my own personal private sewing time this weekend. Not as good of course but it has to do.


Minick and Simpson said...

Who wouldn't cry when they were deprived of these beautiful flowers? :)

Seriously, I have really never been a fan of crochet, but now I have to re-evaluate. Please show what you are going to do with them. Actually, they could just live out their lives laying on that lovely blue flowery fabric. Wonderful!


Sandy said...

The flowers are so sweet! and I love the block....Your pin cushion giveaway was fun ;) Love your blog, Sandy

Cathy said...

On the flip side of that Janet, it is so lovely to see that something from Nana is so cherished! And I can see why, these flowers are ADORABLE! I love the photo you took on that divine fabric. Sorry to hear you aren't well, I've just got better from a cold, they are so boring aren't they? I hope you get a lot of quilting done this weekend anyway. xo

Janet said...

The flowers are beautiful! They look so pretty on the blue floral fabric. I'm sorry you have to miss your retreat. I hope you're feeling better soon. Your applique is lovely as always. :0)

Terry said...

Love the crocheted flowers! They're just beautiful! And thanks for the pincushion giveaway! I still can't believe I won! :0)

Andi said...

Your flowers are so very lovely.
I hope your granddaughters appreciate their Nana!!
Feel better soon.
Andi :-)

Dolly said...

Oh, the crocheted flowers are so pretty........I can't believe how to heart she took it when she didn't get one from Nana ! How precious !

Mimi said...

I am thinking I love everything you do! I can see those crochet flowers on a pretty pink t-shirt, on a purse, on a quilt....the possibilities are endless.

Dora, the Quilter said...

I love your crocheted flowers and I love your cherry fabrics.
Good for you to make your own single sewing party to compensate for a missed retreat. Have fun and feel better soon.

soggybottomflats said...

wow, I am so excited to win the pincushion...just perfect, thank you so much! And, the flowers, just perfect, love them to pieces! I can't wait to see what all you do with them either. Thank you so much, I will treasure it very much, Elaine

Vicki said...

Oh dear......that is so very much a heartrenching story and of course it tears at your heart strings. Bless your sweet granddaughter. I love love love those flowers and just have to make some now too. They do look like the camelia too :) Really fabulous!

Deb said...

Oh Janet, nothing worse than the grandkids guilts. The crocheted flowers are lovely, what were the sweeties going to use them for? I could just visualise them on clips in their hair. I keep forgetting to ask you also, what thread do you use for your hand quilting.
hugs Deb

Fiona said...

Gorgeous flowers - and what a sad story!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you Janet for having it.
Oh dear it sure brakes our hearts hearing the little ones upset. Those flowers look just lovely and I am sure she will love them.


Anonymous said...

You're just the best Nanna!! How sweet. (smile) I bet she thinks it was all worth waiting for when she see's Nanna's next little parcel.

Love, love, love it when you share more applique. It's always so beautiful.

Thank you for the wonderful pincushion give away. I'm absolutely thrilled to bits! You made my day. :o)

Sue-Anne said...

Oh Janet, I can just imagine how bad you feel but you have more than made up for it with the lovely flowers you have crocheted. They look fantastic!

Kim D. said...

Congrats to the winners!! Those flowers are beautiful Janet. I'm sure they will more than satisfy. Your applique block is very pretty.

Deb said...

Oh dear - poor little darling - nana love is very special I'm sure. Isn't it awful when you do something so totally innocently that causes such devastation? Gorgeous flowers - I'm crying too because I don't have one!

Fiesta said...

congratulations to the winners. The crochet flowers are gorgeous.

ratherbquilting said...

Oh my gosh, thanks for the heads-up. I'm going to be a grandma soon and I need some "nana lessons"! The flowers are really cute. How do you attach them to the hair clips? Your applique is stunning, as usual!!

Meredith said...

Halo restored. Enjoy your quilting weekend in. I will be having one also. Hope you feel better soon. The flowers are very cute. A garland is a neat ides. Congrats to all the winners.

MosaicMagpie said...

Hey Nana,
I didn't get a crocheted flower either and I didn't win a pincushion, I really wanted one of those pincushions Nana.... Well it worked for the granddaughters I thought it may work for me. Congratulations to the winners, nothing better when doing handwork than a pretty pincushion.

Lori said...

I hope you are feeling beter soon Janet.
The little crocheted flowers are so cute I can see why your GD was upset. Having a flower made by nana would be the best!!
Lovely applique block too!!

Munaiba said...

You must have felt awful. Poor Nana! Well I'm sure you'll be back in the good books soon.
Congratulations to all the winners! Lucky ducks!

Marcy said...

Congratulations to the winners. I checked out each winners blogs and it appears that at least 3 of them have been lucky in other blog contests as well. Again congratulations on those lucky wins as well.
I haven't been a fan of crochet much. It always reminds me of those ugly crochet doll toilet paper covers people made many moons ago. But I must confess I do love the flowers. Like your idea for the garland.
I am also enjoying your applique blocks as well.

Ivory Spring said...

Those flowers are just DARLING.

Crispy said...

You are such a good nana to make all those lovely flowers for the little ones, sometimes we goof but we always make up for it :0)

How many Stars & Sprigs do you have left to do?

Get well soon!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, another Sprig block! It's GlOrIoUs!!! Love your fussy cuts. ; )

The crochet flowers...remind me of my Grandma. She made them and then crocheted them into doilies. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Sorry about the upset grand children though. It is nice to know you're LOVED and appreciated!!!

Sorry you're missing a sewing retreat. I hope you feel better SOON!!!

Congrats to your pincushion winners!!!

Lurline said...

Love those I rish Roses - oh, Janet, I have missewd so much as of late - let's hope I stay in the loop now!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Annemiek said...

Those flowers are becoming a hype; the pop up everywhere. Pity I do not understand the engish instructions, although i CAN crochet. Perhaps I'll give it a try anyway:)
Sorry that you're not able to "retreat" hopefully you'll feel better soon!

Marieke said...

What a heartbreaking story. But you made it up: big time. Congratulation to the winners! Have a nice weekend and a good recovery.

Barb said...

congrats to all the winners - enjoy your prizes -
How sweet of you Janet to have such a fun give away -
happy weekend

imquilternity said...

I think your little granddaughters are very lucky to have such a wonderful Nana!! Those crocheted flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

Quilts And Pieces said...

When I was little our barbies had crochet'ed roses like that with straps for hats!

Maree: said...

Oh Dear Poor Thing...Your Flowers are just Divine..I will take this on board for when I have 2 little Granddaughters to contend with one Hope you are feeling better soon and you did get some down time...

Karen said...

It must have been a big job to keep track of everything in your pincushion give-away. I didn't win but congratulations to the winners.
As usual, you applique block is wonderful!

Ann Champion said...

So sorry to hear you missed your retreat, but at least you get some sewing time at home.
Those little flowers are could you have guessed that your other GD would feel so slighted? Looks like you've made up for it..and they'll both be very happy?
Your applique block is beautiful! You always get the fabric choice and placement just perfect! :)

Dixie said...

Ah, I'm sure all is forgotten or will be as soon as she sees the flowers you made! They are wonderful, and make me want to get out the hooks and thread! Love your applique block. Hope you feel better soon.