Monday, May 11, 2009

Small things week

Have you been on the receiving end of a conversation that goes something like this? " Do you think you could make me a quilt?"
That was from my DGD #1, 9 1/2 years old at the end of last year. Well of course I can and I say what sort of quilt would you like? Fairies and Pink! Here's the block, simple, easy to piece with no matching seams and will look good machine quilted. Same as the yo yo blocks you notice but bigger. I'll let you know how I go.

This week is going to be a small projects week I think. I will be making Mrs Perkins with Lurline and Joy, we'll be cheering each other on to get it done. So first step is to get out some supplies.
Auditioning fabric, check.
Pattern, buttons. thread and felt, check
Tools, gadgets and lots of stuffing, check.
And when there are two little GD's you can't just make one now can you? I'm glad I'm not the grandmother of those octuplets!!


Lori said...

Fairies and pink?! How cute is that!? And your quilt will surely fill the request!!

Lurline said...

Oh, goody - this week has come and exhibition quilts are finished and in! Your quilt is sooo pretty - so you have two little DGD's - lots of sewing to do there, too! I see you are all prepared for Mrs. Perkins - I will pick up some accessories from traders at the show - meanwhile, I can make a start - where, that is my problem!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Jan Richards said...

I sympathize with the mass production. Last year I made Magoo
the Monkey from Melly and Me for all 5 grandkids for Easter. Also made one for our house too. You are right to just do them for all at the same time....much easier. Am now trying to get their cute pig with the skirt made for our two GD's birthdays in early June. Love the Melly and Me designs.

Nedra said...

It looks like you are in for a fun project. I noticed the fabric wrapped basket holding notions. did you make it? I am making my first one and I'm loving the process.

Fiesta said...

nice block. Looks like it will be fun to make.

Anonymous said...

That first pink block is so whimsically lovely I'm sure they will both adore their quilts!

*karendianne. said...

haaa, heee You're silly today!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we are in for some fantastic show and share! Get stitching.

Gwendie said...

Mrs. Perkins is so cute I had to go find a distributor in the US. Such cute patterns, which to pick? Love all your fabrics piled for her.

Pink and fairies? Absolutely!


Andi said...

I have some of that fairy fabric but haven't sliced into it just yet.
Your quilt is going to be gorgeous.
Maybe the inspiration I need to get started with mine?
Andi :-)

Mary Ann said...

You'll love making the giraffes!!
They are so fun!!! Tip: Stuff the legs really good! They'll stand up well that way!!!
All the best!

Kaaren said...

Pink and faeries...just strawberries and cream. Perfect!

Crispy said...

Oh a perfect quilt for your DGD!! I LOVE the fabrics you are auditioning for the animals they are so yummy!!!


Judyth said...

Your pink faerie block is just too cute! Where can I find the faerie fabric?