Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where is my focus?

In December every year my thoughts usually turn to all the projects I'd love to tackle in the new year. It's so exciting, you know how it is? Just because it's a new year it doesn't mean I have a clean slate but somehow this is how it feels. Am I deluding myself? Well it's nearly February and I have to admit that I've lost my focus, my grand plans have gone...somewhere.
If I had only a few quilts on the go at any one time until they were done, I never would have made some of my favourites like this DWR in the process of being hand quilted. (sorry about the sun blurring this photo)

I've been itching for new projects and I have started a biggie, a loooong slow one, OK that's not unusual for me, the trouble is I have a few of those in the works. You'll see as they get revealed that it's the journey not the destination for me, that's why I'm not a prolific quilt maker. You won't find me bragging about the total number of quilts I've made in the last 15 years.
I need to get organised! I need to focus! I've been wanting, longing for a new, mindless piecing project for the machine so I slapped myself on the hand, came to my senses and decided to return to one I started last year.
I saw this quilt on Nannete's blog and thought what a great scrap quilt, why I could use up some fabrics from the scrap bin and they don't have to be matchy. Ill do some more on these for now.

Here's an Ohio Star quilt, totally scrappy, made mostly out of the scrap bin and finished in 2001, I enjoyed playing around with value to get the stars looking different. I hand quilted this one.
See, sometimes I do get there!

What about you? how many UFOs do you have? are you likely to return to them and how do you stay on track and does it really matter if you are enjoying what you do?


Kathie said...

NO NO NO I am not counting them!
I work on what I want to each day.
I need a piecing project though (that does NOT include applique) at all times and an applique project going at all times.
I have to admit though I have been thinking the same thing.
I am now going to try and work on 2 of each and finish one before I start another.
lets see how that works out ...good luck, if you find a solution let me know!

ranette said...

I have just a few real UFO's...most of the time I finish what I start.

I have my applique & embroidery projects and like Kathie I always have a piecing project or two or three or more...LOL

There are just so many quilts that I want to make, like all of the beautiful ones that you've pictured today!!!

Lovely, lovely quilts!

Fiesta said...

you have done some lovely work there.
I have very little ufo's since I am very particular about finishing things.

tami said...

I have more UFO's than I want to think about and I WILL finish them all some day.
I, like you, started out the year gangbusters feeling like I had a clean slate, but I have had a serious slowdown last week. I'm going to try get back my motivation this weekend.

Juliann in WA said...

I whittled down my UFO pile last year but I also have a lot of projects on my wish list. I think I am okay with having some undone projects - at least for now. Check back with me in the summer or fall, that is when I seem to get antsy about finishing stuff.

Anne said...

A few years ago I was appalled at what had accumulated in my project corner. I honestly couldn't justify starting anything new without making a serious dent in the old stuff. So for three years running, I made myself a list of all the tops I wanted to get done during the year, and did my best to stick with it. If the urge to start a new project was just too overwhelming, the compromise was that it had to come from stash fabric. Managed to cross about 20 things off my list in those three years!!

Then last summer I fell off the wagon in a big way. Seems that working on old projects had created a bit of a drought for me, so I went on a new project shopping spree - and it wasn't long before I had about 10 new projects on the shelf! Yikes!! What happened?

Thank goodness for me (?), I have a bit of an anal nature, so it didn't take long for me to organize how I would work on those projects. I set up a bit of a timeline as to what I would work on each month, and the system seems to be working well for me. I work on a few of the new projects, as well as at least one of the old ones, and I try to get one quilt top quilted each month. The best part of my plan is having the variety of working on different things, and being able to watch my progress as I tick things off my list at the end of the month.

I know that for some this would drown the creative spirit, but it's the answer for me.


Amy said...

I have 4 unfinished right now,by that I mean they arent all pieced yet.I stopped quilting in 1994 and these have been started in 2007.
I plan to keeping chugging along, its the journey for me too, although I feel guilty if they are not finished,lol!
Your works in progress are wonderful..........

Janet said...

Your DWR is really incredible!! Those circles look like lots of fun too. I have 5-6 UFO's and I fully intend to finish them all...some day. I don't let that stop me from starting new stuff. :0) Time is the biggest limiting factor for me - if only I had more of it.

Darlene said...

Wonderful and beautiful projects. Incredible work!

I seldom have more than one piecing project in the works. When I start a piecing project I see it through to the end (well, the flimsy end, LOL)

I have way too many hand applique projects in the UFO stage and all I want to do is start a new one. I need to pull out an old one and finish it. It's just more fun to start a new one. LOL

Wonderful topic!

Maree said...

All your works are Gorgeous but I must say your DWR is the most Beautiful I have ever seen...the Applique on it is just Divine...I have one in my cupboard but nothing like yours who would have thought to put Applique with it ...wish I had when I made mine.....

Carrie P. said...

Our guild is doing a UFO challenge and I have a list with 10 items and each month our leader picks a number and we work on that one. The first month I finished. Second month, no. Our next meeting is in 2 weeks and I think I will get this one finished.

QuiltedSimple said...

I've got a lot unfinished - but I am working at it - 2 a month I need to finish before I can start something new. So far this year it's working. We'll see if I keep with it.

Lindsay Jean said...

With UFOs as pretty as that DWR, I would want to start as many projects as possible! Your work is so lovely.

canquilt said...

I have about 20 plus works in progress. I rarely start one quilt and finish it without working on something in between. Since I cut in advance for multiple projects when I have the fabric out, it makes sense to do it that way. They are only 'works in progress', not UFO's (that term is too negative for our creativity)

the girl from the bush said...

hi,your DWR is so lovely. I have always wanted to make one for as long as i can remember. I havn't yet. I also have alot of smallish ufo's but lately have been doing stitcherys and must try and get them completed. might try some of the other girls suggestions.

Julia said...

Oh Janet,
Your DWR quilt is the most beautiful I have ever, love it!
and I love th Ohio star quilt..
Your work is beautiful.
Julia ♥