Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new book

This book arrived today after much anticipation. It was scheduled to come out last year but there was a hold up with printing.
I'm in two minds about this one. If you are looking for an historical book on Australian quilts, this is it. It certainly should be in every guild library in Aussie.
My disappointment is in the way the patterns are presented.

There is a CD included which gives instructions and photos of the selected quilts to reproduce and there is also a pattern pullout. They need to be increased by 200% and 400%

I wanted this book specifically for the patterns and I have to say the photo quality of them on the CD is very poor and there are no close-ups to see the fabrics. I suggest checking it out before you outlay the money, it's not cheap.


Fiesta said...

Janet I am sad that your book did not meet your standards.
I personally hate enlarging patterns so I usually but the Australian magazines and Quiltmania which both have full size patterns.
It is always great to give an opinion on a book because no one else will be as honest as a quilter.
Would you be able to send it back??

Lurline said...

Oh, Janet - I certainly respect your opinion and I, too, am sad the book does not come up to expectations. I have waited 5, maybe 6 years for this book to be published - hope you don't mind if I have a little chat to Christine, of Once Upon a Quilt ... I am so looking forward to seeing the book, but possibly it will be quite a while before I am able to do so! For now, hugs - Lurline♥

Amy said...

The book is nice, but I'm sorry to hear about the patterns.I hope you will enjoy it anyway.

Carrie P. said...

The quilts look great. Too bad you have to go through so much to get a pattern.