Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kaffe colour part 2

If you've visited the Glorious color website then you would have seen Kim McLean's quilt pattern, Lollypop Trees. What a fabulous quilt, I loved it so much, I knew I would have to possess it asap. I've been doing blocks on and off this year. Here is the progress so far.

Some of the smaller border blocks. You guessed it, I have quite a good collection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics!

This great book doesn't look like it belongs on this post does it?

Look inside though and you can see where the inspiration has come from, 1855!

This would have been an unusual quilt design then, don't you think?


Kathie said...

your blocks are sooo pretty
I started this quilt with some friends and well...lets just say I am not making it anymore. It just isn't my style doing it in the kaffee fabrics . I was very lucky my friends supplied all the fabrics too but I had a hard time working on this quilt. It is beautiful though .
Maybe some day I will do it in red and green, like the original a true folk art quilt for the time I agree.

Lea said...

I'm not usually bright color person but I DO love this lollypop quilt! and your blocks are absolutely beautiful.*S*
Oh, gosh... I have this book! I need to go through those pages again! :-)

Shari said...

I am totally in love with Lollipop Trees! And the old pattern... wow. Just shows women are clever no matter what the era!


Jennifer said...

I love looking at bold quilts from the 19th century that are as modern and fresh as anything "new" I see today. I also love the original color scheme.

Fiesta said...

your lollypop trees is awesome. I love your colorway. Is the pattern in the book you show? I used to have that book and never even considered that quilt in a modern way. Now I want to make it.